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 Issued by JMA at 11:23 on Nov 25,2020
Occurrence at 11:20 on Nov 25,2020
Seismic intensity map
Seismic intensity map in Mie and neighboring area
Information on Earthquake
Type of information 震源・震度情報
Announcing authority 気象庁
Date and time of announcement 11/25/2020 11:23
Date and time of occurrence 11/25/2020 11:20
Epicenter 茨城県南部
North latitude & east longitude 北緯36.1度,東経139.9度
Depth 50km
Earthquake M4.3
Distribution of seismic intensity
No information in Mie
No information in Mie
No information in Mie
The earthquake information on this website is for earthquake scale 3 and above for earthquakes outside Mie and those that are 1 and above in Mie.
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